Three Beautiful Ways to Use C2 Paint


One of our most-trusted brands of paint is the C2 Paint line. C2 Paint blends artisanship and innovation to create beautiful, full spectrum paint color with premium performance and unmatched luminosity. C2’s 496-color palette of full-spectrum colors is designed to mirror those in the natural world.

The coolest part of using this product is that it reflects light. The light reflection is due largely in part to the elimination of black pigments. In fact, C2 uses leading-edge technology to blend finely ground artist-grade pigments. This technology allows C2 to create paint with exceptional vibrancy and coverage. Enough so that C2’s low-VOC formula is user-friendly and qualifies for LEED credits. A major bonus to painters and designers alike.

To show you how much we love C2 Paint, check out the photos below. We just love how this paint lights up each of these spaces in the richest way possible.

Three Beautiful Ways to use C2 Paint


3 Beautiful Ways to Use C2 Paint :: Devine Paint Center Blog

1) Classic White

Use a bright white like C2’s Whistler White (C2-756) all over walls, trim and ceiling in order to allow your art piece to take center stage.
C2 Paint in Living Room C2-756 Whister White :: Devine Paint Center Blog

2) Try a Deep Hue

C2’s deep Titan blue (C2-725) brings a sense of calm and sophistication to this small office space.
C2 Paint in Office Titan C2-725 :: Devine Paint Center Blog

3) Go High Gloss

Create a one-of-a-kind kitchen space by adding shine, luminosity and a modern touch with a high gloss ceiling paint like C2’s Cousteau LUXE Gloss (C2-713).
C2 Paint in Kitchen C2-713 Cousteau LUXE Gloss :: Devine Paint Center Blog

Now it’s your turn.

How would you use C2 to change and brighten your space? Find out more about their luxurious paint line by contacting us or by visiting the official C2 website.

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3 Beautiful Ways to Use C2 Paint :: Devine Paint Center Blog