The Right Way to Create an Accent Wall

This week we are featuring a post from our very talented interior designer friend, Patti Cowger of  PLC Interiors. If you haven’t checked out her portfolio on Houzz or her Facebook page, hop on over! You will see some great design work in action.

The right way to create an accent wall

The Right Way to Create an Accent Wall :: Devine Paint Center Blog

Pick a room. Any room where something is not quite right. Something’s missing. It’s a little lackluster, blah, uninspiring, or maybe just off balance. This can be a light bulb moment for homeowners… when they hear the echo of two little words, accent wall. The opportunities to create a show-stopping feature in that room seem boundless but also overwhelming.

To back up a little, I’d like to say that the term accent wall is misleading. An accent wall is not an accent at all, but a focal point. As soon as you paint a solo wall red (or any contrasting color), it will stand out.

If you already have a focal point in the room, such as a fireplace, and you paint another wall an accent color, then you’ve created conflicting focal points both dueling for attention. This is a problem with an easy solution. Just double the impact by making your fireplace wall your accent wall as well.

If you don’t have an existing focal point, then how do you know on which wall to add some flair? Choose the one that has architectural interest – like an angled one that spans a staircase. Or, one that anchors your bed and headboard or has built-in bookcases. It could even be a wall with a large window or French doors that feature the view beyond.

An accent wall doesn’t have to be just one color. Think about stripes or harlequins to add graphic interest. Too scary? What about fat stripes using the same color but with different sheens – one stripe “flat”, one stripe “satin”. The difference will be noticeable but subtle.

Here’s a twist… don’t paint an accent wall when your heart is madly in love with a certain color. If that’s really the case, then paint the whole room that color!

Single Tulip via PLC Interiors :: Devine Paint Center Blog
Image courtesy of PLC Interiors

Imagine what this tulip would look like in front of a white wall. Ho hum, yawn.

Bouquet of Tulips via PLC Interiors :: Devine Paint Center Blog
Image courtesy of PLC Interiors

Now, no matter what my client puts on her table – a bowl of lemons, colorful pottery, seasonal flowers – it’s always enhanced by the rich, supporting color of the accent wall. The chest feathers of the duck water-painting inspired us to choose Pratt & Lambert’s Brick Dust.

Breakfast Nook via PLC Interiors :: Devine Paint Center Blog
Image courtesy of PLC Interiors

While the rest of the walls in this kitchen and family are soft green, the breakfast niche is Devoe Paint’s Iced Cranberry.

Now it’s your turn!

If you were to create an accent wall in your space, what would it look like? Need a little inspiration? Check out Patti’s website, or visit our Focal and Accent Walls board on Pinterest.

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